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Vivi Giovanni

Kylie_Kardash is a level 73 moviestar. She is said to be the nicest one of Team Pump.


She first joined in September 2011 and continues to make movies, artbooks, and looks in 2015. She recently took a break from MSP, but has returned. She is a well known moviestar, perhaps most known for her spot on Team Pump's Dream Team, her impact on ending bullying, and her close bond with Vivi Giovanni, Pumpchkin, CuteStuff., and SnuggleMuffens.

Kylie has her own team called Kubs (formerly Kuties), but Kylie is also a part of Team Pump and Pumpchkin's Dream Team. Kubs are normally not in the middle of drama, and are very peaceful, but they know how to defend their family when they need to.

Her birthday is December 14th.

Looks Edit

Most often, you can catch Kylie looking super cute in a Team Pump Original outfit. She loves the color pink, and frequently wears that color (as seen to the right). She has a tan skin tone, and gray eyes and freckles (which is her best friend Vivi's most famous feature). Kylie and the rest of Team Pump often wear big accessories with simple outfits. In the summer, and sometimes in the winter, they wear "Pikinis" or "Porter Bikinis", which Kylie loves to create and match with her fans and friends.