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Pumpchkin (aka Pump or Pumpi) is the most high level movie star on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is currently the 2nd movie star to reach level 100, but right now she stands at level 101 (LifeTime Movie Star).


Her looks might be what she is most famous for. Her "Porters" and others love her style and have bought tons of her outfits. Pump has even started some clothing lines and has inspired her fans by making looks of them using her famous fashion sense. She almost always is twinning with CuteStuff., Kylie Kardash, Vivi Giovanni, and/or SnuggleMuffens. I personally think that that other teams do the same style with Pump like in her hair color and using multiple hair colors besides the black, brown, blonde hair color.


As Pump got more famous, she got more attention. A lot of it was good but of course not all of it was. Hate for the Movie Star came big when she had made a movie saying she doesn't support short movies and thinks they are ruining MSP. She asked the viewers to put "Stop Short Movies" in their statuses, which led to another popular status going around made by users who support short movies: "Pump Can't Control Us".

New accounts started popping up that were dedicated to hating on Pump. They even had her name and "hater" in their usernames. She received messages calling her mean and even received death threats. As all of this was getting out of hand, her fans started standing up for her, putting "Team Pump" and "Porter" in their status. Other people who wanted to end the hate started "Project Peace". The support helped calm things down but unfortunately, a user named pink money created an MSP war when she released pictures of pumpchkin, exposing the truth about pumpchkin and Donnie.C being the same person. Pumpchkin received a lot of hate from supporters and non supporters. Pumpchkin responded by saying  "No pink money talk on my wall"